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‘Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 30: Missouri – St. Louis, Kirksville, Kansas City

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JJ Meehan
The Meehan Family

The summer of 1987, we ((my family) took a very nice vacation and covered a lot of ground in 5 days.

The trip started from Cedar Rapids on Thursday in Baron N6WW.  This aircraft was owned at the time by Wathan Flying Service where I was flying charters.  It was one of several aircraft that I also used in my business at Banks of Iowa Computer Services (BICS).   The Baron was a very nice plane with a good cruising speed (190 KTS) and very good load capacity.  I first started flying the Baron when we needed to deliver work around Iowa and the surrounding states because we missed the scheduled Courier Service during time when we were installing new software.  At the time we would process the work for banks around Iowa and the surrounding states during the hours between 8:00 pm and 5:00 am.  Starting at 5:00 pm Courier Services would pick up the completed work and deliver it to the different banks.  During this period of about 9 months we missed the Courier Service more times than we made it.  I would then arrange to fly the work to the banks.  I’ve covered this in another chapter.

Back to this specific trip.  We departed from Cedar Rapids in Baron N6WW on Thursday morning around 9:00 am.  For the next two days we would be starting at the Holiday Inn outside of Six Flags in St. Louis and visiting the Six Flags Amusement Park.  On Saturday we would fly up to Kirksville and pick up Ken Turner for a trip to Kansas City for a Bank Group Meeting, a Baseball Game at the Kansas City A’s Stadium and two days at Worlds of Fun Amusement Park in Kansas City.  The map below gives you an idea of the flight route and the area we covered in five days.

The flight to St. Louis was only 1:20.  At the time there was a small airport near Six Flags which made it handy to land and then drive the few miles to Six Flags Amusement Park.  The family took the trip pretty well and we were able to get to Six Flags by noon.  For the next 2 days we had a fantastic time and took in all the rides at Six Flags.  The following are a few of the pictures.



We had a fantastic time and on Saturday Morning we took off for Kirksville, Mo.  We picked up Ken Turner, his wife, Katherine and headed for Kansas City.  Flight time was 50 minutes to Kirksville, Mo and and then another 50 minutes to Kansas City, Mo.  We arrive around 11:00 am and headed for the Kansas City Royals Baseball Stadium.  The Royals were playing the New York Yankee’s and Ken Turner had gotten us tickets to see the game from one of the private booths in the Stadium.

Weather was perfect and the game was fantastic.  We were on the 3rd Base side and the view was exquisite.

After the game we headed to the WESTIN Hotel for Meeting of the Missouri Bankers Association.  Ken was being honored as the Past President of the Association.  The Westin is located in the Crown Center which is part of the Hallmark Center in Kansas City.

We had dinner in the restaurant on top of the Westin after the meeting.  On Sunday after breakfast we headed to Church.  There is a little Catholic Church about 1 1/2 miles south of the complex.

Ken Turner had given us two tickets for Worlds of Fun.  He and his family were heading to Oklahoma on an airline to visit their daughter and we were going to spend the next two days at Worlds of Fun.

After Church we drove the 20 miles to Worlds of Fun and had another great time and managed to take in most the rides and events.

Below are just a few photos of Worlds of Fun.  I downloaded a couple from the Internet try and give you a good idea of how Worlds of Fun is laid out.

By Monday night we were more than ready to head home to Cedar Rapids.  Two amusement parks, one ball game is not bad for a five day vacation, especially when you consider the fact that the two amusement parks were at opposite ends of the state.  N6WW served us well.  No unusual experiences on this trip.

Please visit my other blogs on flying on my WEB Site – “FLY HIGH AND FAST”.


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