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Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 31: Missouri – Kansas City

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JJ Meehan
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Missouri is the “Show Me” State and one the friendliest and enjoyable places to visit.  Between 1975 and 2000 I visited by air almost the whole state and there are very few people in the state that I would not call friendly.  I will try to cover the State of Missouri in 3 parts starting in Kansas City and working my way east.  I decided to pick Kansas City as my starting point since we have already discussed the city during my visit to Olathe, Kansas.

Kansas City (MKC)

Kansas City is my favorite city in the Midwest.  If you looking for a small town atmosphere you’ve got it in Kansas City.  If you want a city with great restaurants and bars you have it.  If you want a city with great music, especially jazz, you have it.  If you want to shop there are several great shopping malls including County Club Plaza which is the grandfather of all malls.

Kansas is 208 KM from Cedar Rapids by air.  I have follow many different aircraft into Kansas city over the many years of visiting the city.  The one on the right is a Piper Navajo and it helped me sell more business than any other aircraft.  Below are Beechcraft Baron 58, Duchess 76, Bonanza 35, A-36 Bonanza, Mooney 20C and Piper 28R.

Flight time will very based on the aircraft and weather but normally 1 hour and 20 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Normally we would fly into Kansas City Downtown but you also had the option of Kansas City International and Johnson County, Kansas.  I’ll center my discussion around Kansas City Downtown Airport which is about 1 mile north of downtown Kansas City Kansas.

Kansas City Downtown (MKC) is beautifully located for doing business in Kansas City.  You are within 20 minutes of most major downtown businesses.  Country Club Plaza is just 25 minutes to the south.  The Hallmark Center is just 15 minutes south of the airport.  There are approaches on runway 3, 19, and 21.  The 01 approach will take you just east of the Hallmark Center and over downtown and it does not have an ILS approach.  You would use 3 for the ILS approach if you need it.  This would keep you just to the west of the downtown area.  You would see something similar to this as you approach from the south to land on 1 or 3.  The downtown airport is just over the sky scrapes in the center of the picture.  You are lookng at the Hallmark Center to the right with the Westin Hotel.  The Union Station is located in the lower center part of the photo.

Before we get too far from the overhead view of the airport, please note the Missouri River that makes a U Turn around the airport as it comes in from the north and just south of the airport it goes northeast.  During the floods in 1993, I was the last plane to depart from Kansas City Downtown.  The water had reached the top of the levies and was on the verge of going over the dikes and flooding the airport.  As I departed in the Navajo – N610WA it looked like I was climbing out of a bath tub.  Several years earlier the family and I had spent the weekend in Kansas City and when we departed the city received over 10 inches of rain.  The Italian Restaurant where we had eaten was under 6 feet of water.  Cars were floating the the County Club Plaza Parking Garages.  The Missouri River can really pack a punch at times.

In the picture below are shown the skyline of Kansas City Downtown, the World War I Memorial, County Club Plaza, Arrowhead Stadium (Football and Bassball), Kansas City at night and one of the many parks in Kansas City.

We used Kansas City as a hub and would branch out to places like Independence, MO,Marshall, MO Sedalia, MO, Olathe, KS, Cameron, MO Ft. Leavenworth, KS  and St. Joseph, MO.   Independence Mo, was the home of President Harry S. Truman and his home and library should be on your schedule if you ever visit the area.

Kansas City is also the home of the World of Fun and Oceans of Fun Amusement Parks, and some of the finest restaurants in the USA.  The last few times we stayed in Kansas City we stayed at the Hilton President Hotel which had just completed remodeling to the original 1920 atmosphere.   It is centrally located to Convention Center and the new sports center in downtown.  I would highly recommend it.

Kansas City is a fantastic city and is a very active part of my life.  I hope you can visit and enjoy this beautiful City that has warmth of a small town and the advantages of a large city.

You can see more of my flying stories on my WEB Site – “FLY HIGH AND FAST”.


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  1. My god we are not living! It looks a great place what i wouln\’t give to go there just by the pictures alone and of course the shopping ! I am a woman after all. Yes


    April 28, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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