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Fly High and Fast – Vol. II Chapter 3: Pinehurst, NC and Washington D.C.

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JJ Meehan
The Meehan Family

By this time Flying was becoming very natural.  I was added to the insurance where I worked and was able to fly on Company time.  I also started giving Flight Instruction.  I was now flying about 800 hours per year.

The plane became a means to reach more places faster and also close several sales deals based on the concern that we were too far from the given business.  We were a bank processing company and during this time our computer software was being upgraded to real time.  This resulted in a lot of down time and late deliveries.  I suggested and it was approve that we would fly the work to the banks if there was any delay and the work was not ready for the normal delivery service.  This gave me a chance to fly many different aircraft and also earn my Multi-engine rating.  But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

N6419U and I spent a lot of time in the air.  One of our longest trips was from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (USA) to Pinehurst , North Carolina (USA) in the fall of 1975.  I was in charge of a new software product – AR-70 and this was a meeting of the key users to see what could be done to improve the software.  I left on a clear day which quickly became overcast.  By the time I was over Moline, Illinois, USA the ceilings were 800 ft with tops still not determined but icing was reported during descent into Moline.   I stayed below the clouds until I was over Peoria, Illinois USA

I finally contacted Peoria Approach for an Instrument Clearance and I climbed to 9000 ft.  I picked up a little ice in the climb but when I broke out at about 4,500 it was clear above an the ice melted.   The sky was clear and beautiful above the clouds as seen in the following photos.

The Instrument Approach at Louisville, KY,


USA was normal with a ceiling of 500 ft and 1/2 mile visibility.  The following video is a Cat III approach to very low ceilings but it is a good example of what any ILS landing is like in low conditions.

After refueling I was in the air again.  The clouds started to clear as I approached the point where Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and North Carolina meet.



Pinehurst, NC USA is a beautiful area.  The town is located in a valley of gorgeous pine trees.  It is the home of the World Hall of Fame for Golf.



After seven days the conference ended and I head home.  I flow home via Washington DC so that I could visit my parents grave site in Arlington National Cemetery.  I also dropped off two other attendee’s at the Washington National Airport.  The route to Washington DC took me up the Potomac where I had a chance to see Quantico Marine Base, Ft. Belvoir (my old home), Alexandria, VA and Washington DC.


Quantico Marine Base USA

Just east of Alexandria, VA USA

On Final for Reagan National Airport

Taxiing in to the ramp at Reagan National Airport.


After landing at Washington Reagan National Airport my passengers headed for connecting flights and I headed for Arlington National Cemetery to visit my parents grave sites.  Please visit my Dad’s WEB Site at http://home.earthlink.net/~jjmeehan13/meehan/191.htm for more information on my parents and also Arlington National Cemetery.  Please also visit The Meehan Family Web Site.

The following are a few pictures taken of Washington DC on the way to Arlington National and also Arlington National.



I departed Washington National Reagan Airport around 5:00 pm.  The sun was just setting in the west and I was able to get the following pictures of Washington DC as I climbed out over the Potomac River.


My favorite photo – Lincoln Memorial in lower left, Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial, and the US Capital.

The flight home was normal.  I stopped in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA to refuel and spend the night.  This trip was one of many that I took as a pilot.  In the chapters to come I will try to include a few more special trips and include some of my memories.

Please enjoy more of my stories of flying at “FLY HIGH AND FAST”.


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